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Check Cashing

We take the guesswork out of third party check cashingPaycheck Secure check cashing software provides your business with a fast, friendly and safe way to accept payroll checks. The Paycheck Secure payroll check cashing system provides thousands of retail locations nationwide, access to the check cashing history for over 7 million consumers.

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Compare Your System to AllTrust

  • See if your returned checks would have been caught by AllTrust
  • Check how many enrolled and flagged customers are near your store
  • Know the return on investment with our P&L calculator
  • FREE white papers with check cashing best practices

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Why Use Paycheck Secure?

How Does Paycheck Secure Work?

  • Look up customers with their finger - no ID needed after enrollment
  • Verify each check cashing transaction automatically against our national database of bad check writers
  • Speed check cashing transaction time - faster and more secure than traditional check cashing methodsMaker Research detail
  • Maker Research provides bank account verification from multiple third-party dababases.  You also get key check information from the AllTrust network
  • Deposit checks electronically - enjoy significant time savings; more secure transactions and faster access to funds*
  • Easily comply with government regulations - online CTR and SAR reports as well as SDN OFAC list screening
  • Guarantee all your payroll checks*

*Optional upgrade available

What makes Paycheck Secure different? 

  • National negative database – Detail on all BAD checks and check cashers (including fingerprints) are automatically shared in real-time with every store in the AllTrust network.
  • Velocity settings - set your store's check cashing limits, and the Paycheck Secure check cashing software will help you enforce them.
  • Multi-store services - customers only register once, and then can cash checks at any store within your chain.Returned check report (Rap sheet)
  • Returned Check Report  - this complete transaction history prepares you for the process of recovery.
  • Counterfeit check warning – the check cashing software analyzes the magnetic ink and flags checks with low MICR levels for possible fraud.
  • 24/7 secure web reporting – manage all transaction data whenever, wherever you want.
  • Biometric fingerprint reader - our high-end optical fingerprint device identifies & verifies; ensuring you know your customer.
  • Automatic database back-up



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The ALLTRUST Network

The AllTrust network

  • Database protects you from known bad check cashers & issuers
  • Over 7-million enrolled consumers
  • Thousands of retail locations coast-to-coast
  • $42 Billion in transactions processed
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Paycheck Secure System

Its small footprint and easy point-and-click software make Paycheck Secure ideal for all retail settings.

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