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How Paycheck Secure Works…    

Check Cashing Product Page

Signing up to cash checks using Paycheck Secure is quick and easy. Customers simply provide a photo ID; two finger scans, and a smile for a digital photograph.  In about one minute, the customer can be ready to cash checks in your store or any store in your chain.

When the customer returns to your store to cash a check, all they need to do is put their finger on the scanner, and the fingerprint scanner verifies your customer's identity.  The customer's complete check cashing history appears on the screen, and Paycheck Secure provides clear recommendations about whether you should accept or reject the customer's check.  The entire process takes as little as 15 seconds.

Enrolling in Paycheck Secure

Cashing Checks with Paycheck Secure

Customer hands clerk a photo ID. 

The clerk scans the front and back of ID, and the information is entered automatically in the Paycheck Secure system.  No data entry required.

Customer scans a finger and their record appears.

The customer places either index finger on the finger scanner.  Within seconds, the customer's picture, driver's license and check cashing history appear on the screen.

Take the customer's picture. 

Using the PC camera, the clerk takes a digital photo of the customer.  The customer's picture will appear on screen every time they cash a check, so you can easily verify their identity.

Run customer's check through the scanner.

The bank account and routing information will automatically be entered into the system.  Paycheck Secure detects correct MICR levels so it will not  populate data from any suspect checks.

Customer scans fingers.

The customer's two index fingerprints are captured.  Using fingerprints is much safer than passwords or PINs, because fingerprints cannot be lost, stolen or duplicated.

Enter check number and date.

You can tell Paycheck Secure to automatically reject checks that fall outside dollar amounts or date limits you set.  And the system automatically calculates check cashing fees for you.



Paycheck Secure looks at several factors, including the customer's check cashing history and the maker information, and makes a recommendation on whether you should accept the check. Green means Accept, and Red means Reject.

* Paycheck Secure examines every check for the common signs of fraud (such as low check numbers, invalid account information, and checks printed on a home computer). If the Paycheck Secure system suspects that the check is fraudulent — or if the customer has cashed a fraudulent check at any of the 2,000 locations coast to coast in the Paycheck Secure network — the system will strongly recommend that you decline the check, before any money changes hands

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