The Most Secure Check Cashing System Available

AllTrust’s Paycheck Secure check cashing software takes the guesswork out of third party check cashing, by providing your business with a fast, friendly and safe way to accept all types of checks. Our check cashing system supports thousands of retail locations nationwide and includes access to the country’s largest check cashing database with over 8.5 million enrolled consumers.

Services include:

  • Check 21 Electronic Deposits
  • Government Compliance
  • Maker Research
  • Check Guarantee
  • Review Center
  • Biometric Identification
  • Integrated Loyalty Program

The Paycheck Secure difference!

National negative database
Protect yourself from fraudsters. AllTrust systems provide detail on all bad checks and check cashers, including fingerprints, to every store in the AllTrust Network.
Velocity settings
You set the rules. Set your store's check cashing limits, velocity settings, and accepted check types. Paycheck Secure will help you enforce them.
Multi-store services
Customers only need to register once. Paycheck Secure then handles identification and transaction history across all stores within your chain.
Returned Check Report
In case the worst happens, this complete transaction history prepares you for the process of recovering bad check loss.
Counterfeit check warning
Paycheck Secure analyzes the magnetic ink and checks for possible fraud.
24/7 secure web reporting
Research and manage transaction data whenever, wherever you want.
Biometric fingerprint reader
Know your customer. Our government-grade optical fingerprint reader identifies & verifies repeat customers.
Automatic database back-up
You never have to worry about losing your data. AllTrust automatically keeps a backup copy in our private data center.