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Integrate your business processes using the AllTrust Web Services (ATWS) platform to support a variety of check cashing and financial services applications. Use our API library to build custom solutions for identity management, check decisioning, Check 21 electronic deposits, third party check review, and mobile services. Whether embedding check cashing into your application or building a new standalone solution, you can leverage our expert systems and services.
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Custom Solutions

Align all your key business operations with the ATWS platform, ensuring optimal performance in areas like identity management, risk mitigation, check processing, Check 21 electronic deposits, and third-party check reviews. Leverage the extensive library of APIs we offer to craft customized solutions, which intertwines seamlessly with our reliable platform and supportive back-end services.

Some Examples

If you have an in-house money services POS and need to add check cashing, use ATWS to integrate the components you need. For instance, if your POS already handles customer enrollment and identity management, use our APIs to build a check approval decisioning capability using our rules engine, pricing tools, and back end services for check maker research. If you need to add customer enrollment and identity management capability to an existing application, our APIs provide government ID OCR and validation. ATWS can also provide address, cell phone and email verification services.

With over 9 million consumers conducting transactions through our platform, AllTrust has an extensive amount of proprietary customer and transaction data. Our APIs enable segmentation of our database to assist in developing outbound marketing programs. For sub-prime loans within the underbanked marketplace, we have APIs to support income verification. To help reduce fraud our identity matching APIs can provide insight into the true identity of your customer. If you have another use-case for our data, give us call and we’ll let you know what we can do.

If you want to add third party review capabilities to your check cashing system, APIs to the AllTrust Review Center is your solution. This allows questionable transactions to be sent to a back office manager to review check maker and/or customer history to help manage risk. The AllTrust Review Center is a web-based console for managing workflow, reviewing checks and sending decision notifications to the in-store clerks.

We provide money transmitters a custom check deposit service that uses filtering rules, decision criteria, and exception handling to enable agents to deposit checks as payment against their available credit.

Need to do Check 21 electronic deposits from your existing system? We have many integrations direct to banks and third party processors. Our APIs enable you to scan checks into ATWS for image quality assurance, OCR and deposit management. Our online reporting and notification services keep you informed throughout the process.


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