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Check Cashing for Money Service Businesses

With AllTrust, you can protect yourself from risk while increasing profits.

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Differentiate your store from the big boxes

Retail Connect is an easy to use web-based money services focused POS with built-in check cashing

Flexible – add products and services to fit your needs

Integrated bill pay services

Consolidated customer management

Complete cash drawer management

Detect fraudsters with instant access to the largest consumer biometric database

Save time with our integrated government compliance for OFAC, CTRs and SARs

Get faster access to funds with our Check 21 electronic deposit service

Sign up for Check Guarantee and let our experts decide which checks to accept


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Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. Here is a small sample of what 2,000 merchants in 46 states using AllTrust Networks have to say about the system:

I've seen systems demoed from other companies and nothing compares to Paycheck Secure. It's a great system and worth every penny.
Rafik Shuman

Owner, PAL Market

Using Paycheck Secure; we have their fingerprint, picture, ID image & check history. Police sometimes come to us now, because of information we capture. I'd be afraid to cash a check without it.
Becky Harrington

Check Ops Mgr, Langley Inc. Montgomery, AL

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