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Compliance can be painful, complicated and expensive. It doesn’t have to be! It is our mission to make compliance simple, transparent and affordable.

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A Partnership with the Experts

AllTrust Networks has partnered with Capital Compliance Experts to provide a comprehensive catalog of compliance services. With over 50 years of industry experience, Capital Compliance Experts understands what it takes to obtain and maintain a healthy banking relationship while keeping compliance programs up-to-date.

Need a New Bank Account?

Bank Profile Summary (BPS) offers the perfect solution for established and start-up money services businesses (MSBs) seeking a seamless process for acquiring a bank account.

Bank Profile Summary Benefits

  • Reduce your banking fees
  • Streamlined deposits with Check21
  • MSB Bank Manager
  • A streamlined process for account approval
  • Application and account support
  • Reduced collateral requirements*
  • International network of banks – USA, Canada, Mexico, and more
  • Banking as a Service (BaaS) available
  • Faster processing times

      *  Qualified applicants


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Third Party Independent Review

Our independent review evaluates your business’s money laundering risk level and objectively assesses your BSA/AML/OFAC compliance program. We are dedicated to meeting the review deadline set by your bank or the IRS.

Reviews Include:

  • Overview of business
  • Optional Transaction testing and analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Review of BSA/AML/OFAC Compliance Program
  • Review of employee training & certification procedures
  • Internal monitoring systems
  • Transaction testing & analysis
  • Licensing & permits
  • Review of external audits
  • Recommendations & deficiencies
  • Review of OFAC compliance
  • Review of CTRs/SARs
  • Verification of agent agreements
  • Access to the Compliance Management Portal
  • Annual Compliance Oversight

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Program

A robust Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance program should detail the policies and procedures your business implements to comply with or surpass banking and FinCEN regulations. Each compliance program is crafted by CAMS-certified consultants, customized to your business needs, and engineered to surpass FinCEN and banking regulations.

Compliance Program Includes:

  • Written policies, procedures & internal controls designed to assure BSA/AML/OFAC compliance
  • Designation, duties & responsibilities of the Compliance Officer
  • OFAC monitoring
  • CTR/SAR policies & procedures
  • Responding to law enforcement & subpoenas
  • Consultation with a CAMS-certified representative
  • Daily checklists for Compliance Officer & transaction monitoring procedures
  • Monitoring logs
  • BSA/AML/OFAC employee training & certification
  • Letter of adoption of AML policies
  • Owner & Compliance Officer resumes
  • Customer Identification Program (CIP)
  • Independent review guidelines & template (optional)

Additional Services

Employee Training

An extensive collection of automated online training courses surpasses traditional textbooks, setting a superior standard for

BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Assessment

Our CAMS consultants have devised a systematic approach to assess your risks, empowering you to formulate essential policies, procedures, systems, and controls to mitigate any risk exposure.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis offers an efficient method for an independent organization to pinpoint gaps, vulnerabilities, and areas for enhancement within your BSA/AML/OFAC compliance program.

General Consulting

Our team of CAMS consultants evaluates your compliance requirements, proposes a tailored solution, and swiftly resolves your compliance challenges.

Annual Compliance Management Oversight

Ensure continuous management of your business’s compliance needs throughout the year by leveraging our expertise and proactive resources.

Transaction Monitoring

Compliance IQ, our exclusive, customizable transaction monitoring and analysis tool, aggregates, analyzes and identifies suspicious activity in real time to minimize risk..

It is our mission to make compliance simple, transparent and affordable.

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