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Check Cashing Tips
  • Verify employment for all new customers, as well as when existing customers try to cash checks from companies they hadn’t cashed before.
  • Do not call the phone number on the check to verify employment. Call 411 or research the employer online.
  • Verify employment during business hours (M-F 9am to 5pm EST).
  • Implement sound check cashing policies that all your employees follow.
SmartCheck Quick Tips
  • When devices do not respond, make sure the Hardware Manager is running.
    • Right-click on the Hardware Manager icon found in the system tray and make sure that the devices have a green light
  • When check readers do not respond, unplug the power cable, wait a few seconds and plug them back.
    • Unplug the check reader power cord, reboot the system, plug power cord back after rebooting if still having check reader issues.
  • When using the Scanshell 800 ID reader to scan IDs, if the ID image is black then it must be calibrated.
Paycheck Secure System Quick Tips
  • Connect to the AllTrust Networks host every 20 minutes
  • Check wire connections
  • Reboot the system
Finger Scanning Quick Tips
  • Use only index fingers.
  • Place pad of finger firmly on the reader.
  • Clean hard to read fingers with a baby wipe.

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