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Check Cashing for Convenience Stores

As a c-store owner, you are always looking for new ways to diversify your business. Now you can offer check cashing and bill payment services – great revenue opportunities – while minimizing cash handling concerns.

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Additional fee-based revenue for your store

Increased store traffic and sales

Improved customer loyalty

Using AllTrust Networks, Convenience Store retailers can

  • Look up customers with their finger with speed and ease.
  • Automatically verify each transaction against AllTrust’s proprietary national database of bad check writers.
  • Speed check cashing transaction and search time; promoting a friendlier check cashing experience.
  • Leverage our Maker Research tool to check if negative remarks are reported on the account.
  • Deposit checks electronically – significant time savings, more secure transactions and faster access to funds (Next-day funding available).
  • Easily comply with government MSB regulations– online CTR and SAR reports as well as SDN OFAC list screening. Every transaction and enrollment is cross referenced with the SDN OFAC list.
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Multi-store Feature

If you are store with multiple locations, you can benefit from our multi-store enrollment feature. Your customer only needs to register once, and then they can cash checks at any store within your chain. The AllTrust Network will download the record of a customer who is enrolled at another store in the same chain

  • Customer saves time and inconvenience of an additional enrollment. They simply put their finger down, and system will look them up within the local store; if they are not there, system will search for a matching record within the chain.

Your store can provide a great service to your customers while benefiting from capturing additional data – the customer’s entire check cashing history within your chain is available.


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See What Our Customers are Saying

Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. Here is a small sample of what 2,000 merchants in 46 states using AllTrust Networks have to say about the system:

I've seen systems demoed from other companies and nothing compares to Paycheck Secure. It's a great system and worth every penny.
Rafik Shuman

Owner, PAL Market

Using Paycheck Secure; we have their fingerprint, picture, ID image & check history. Police sometimes come to us now, because of information we capture. I'd be afraid to cash a check without it.
Becky Harrington

Check Ops Mgr, Langley Inc. Montgomery, AL

Case Studies

Learn more about how retailers are using AllTrust Networks

Brightseat Liquors (Landover, MD)

Brightseat Liquors Expands Check Cashing Ten-Fold with Paycheck Secure Brightseat Liquors in Landover, Maryland, used to regularly lose $500 in a single check cashing transaction;

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