Review Center

Web-based product that can be used with our check cashing solutions to remotely review and approve checks. Review Center can also be used with any third party check cashing product by using the AllTrust Web Services APIs.

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Remote Check Review Solution

Sometimes checks need a second opinion before they can be approved. AllTrust Review Center provides a work-flow process for sending checks to a remote person, evaluating the history of the check maker and/or customer, look for fraudulent checks, or ask the clerk to provide more information about the transaction. As a web-based product, Review Center gives the reviewer the graphical interface, research and reporting tools required to process checks quickly and support multiple stores.

There are two ways to use AllTrust Review Center for remote check review and approval. Review Center It can be seamlessly added to any of our check cashing products, with workflow processes between the clerk and the reviewer such as requests for more information. Review Center can also be used as a standalone product to integrate into your in-house check cashing application via simple APIs. The APIs send us the data to be presented in Review Center and then send back the decision for handling within your in-house application.


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