Check 21

The AllTrust Check 21 Service eliminates the time consuming process of physically depositing checks with your financial institution. Get your funds faster from the bank. AllTrust Check 21 Service leverages technology to save time, cost and reduce human error when making deposits to your accounts.

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Check Deposit Solution

AllTrust works with a variety of banks and payment processors and we process every kind of check or money order, even those accepted at your cash register that are not part of your check cashing operation.

The remote deposit capture can be done using any of our check cashing products or from your in-house system and then sent to our Check 21 service via our APIs. When using AllTrust check cashing products, we automatically perform image quality assurance during the check cashing transaction to ensure high quality deposits. We also provide image quality assurance services through our APIs if you are using an in-house check management system.

Using our web-based interfaces, you can bundle the checks into image cash letters and schedule deposits with your bank or payment processor. The online Check 21 Service tools help you keep track of deposit status, resolve deposit issues and run reports to support accounting and audit functions.


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