Herndon, VA — AllTrust Networks and La Chiquita Express announced that Paycheck Secure, AllTrust’s fingerprint check cashing service, is now available at six La Chiquita Express check cashing locations in Maryland.

La Chiquita Express is a financial service center providing services to the Hispanic community in Maryland. As one of the highest-volume money service providers in the county, moving the line quickly is important. Paycheck Secure identifies customers with a simple finger scan, bypassing all the searching and typing required by other systems.

Paycheck Secure also reduces fraud for La Chiquita by leveraging its fingerprint-driven fraud database. ”Right after we installed the system, we identified customers who had passed bad checks at nearby Paycheck Secure locations and were able to decline those checks,” said La Chiquita’s owner, German Escobar. “The criminals know to try somewhere else now.”

Signing up to cash checks using Paycheck Secure is quick and easy. Customers simply provide a photo ID; two finger scans, and a smile for a digital photograph. Once enrolled, shoppers can quickly and securely cash checks with a quick finger scan at any La Chiquita location.

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