Herndon, VA — AllTrust Networks releases PCS Online, a web-based version of the Paycheck Secure check cashing solution. PCS Online has many of the same features as the PC desktop client version of Paycheck Secure, but is accessible via a web browser with all the data being stored in the AllTrust cloud network. This reduces hardware costs, eliminates software maintenance, protects against data loss, and ensures that our customers are always working with the latest version of the software.

Like Paycheck Secure, PCS Online offers a variety of configuration options and modular pricing plans. Customers can pick and choose which options best fit their business needs, as well as vary features by store location to scale their business appropriately.

“Our customers have been asking for a web-based check cashing solution with simplified features, and we are excited to offer this new iteration of Paycheck Secure. With a lower entry level price starting at $50 per month, PCS Online is ideal for merchants and money service businesses who need a lower volume solution.” said Karl Lewis, AllTrust’s CEO.

PCS Online is a total check cashing solution, with premium features to accommodate retail customers and chain locations of any size. Options include:

AllTrust Networks is proud to continue providing its customers best in class solutions and developing new products for a changing marketplace.


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