Herndon, VA — AllTrust Networks is pleased to announce the release of SmartCheck, our newest check cashing product. Built on a web-based platform, SmartCheck is designed from the ground up to support large chains that require comprehensive back office controls, centralized risk management, and integrated government compliance. With support for Windows 7, 8 and 10, SmartCheck will work across multiple browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Leveraging 16 years of experience with check cashing products like Paycheck Secure, PCS Online and Retail Connect, SmartCheck combines best-in-class features with excellent reliability and ease of use.

“We are excited to offer SmartCheck, our latest check cashing software product. Unlike traditional check cashing solutions, SmartCheck is completely web-based to ensure better reliability, lower cost of operations and the continuous addition of new features. Our large customers will be able to leverage the centralized risk management, pricing rules and government compliance to more effectively manage their business.” said Karl Lewis, AllTrust’s CEO.

With premium features to accommodate grocery, retail and MSB chains of any size, SmartCheck is a complete check cashing solution. Features include:

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