Herndon, VA — AllTrust Networks is excited to announce the release of AllTrust Web Services (ATWS), an API-driven platform that enables third parties to build custom check cashing applications using AllTrust services. AllTrust offers a variety of services including customer enrollment, identity management, check decisioning, Check 21 deposits, government compliance reporting, and other capabilities. Fully documented APIs within an integrated testing environment simplifies development of custom applications

“Cashing checks continues to be the most effective way to attract and retain customers within the alternate financial services industry. However, it is difficult to do well and potentially a high-risk activity when not done well. AllTrust’s expertise with thousands of businesses over a sixteen-year period is now available for the first time to third party software providers and the in-house development teams of our customers.” said Karl Lewis, AllTrust’s CEO.

With the ability to mix and match the available services, ATWS can be used for a variety of applications:

AllTrust Web Services is the industry’s first platform to enable customers and third parties to build custom check cashing solutions. The platform is ideal for money transfer companies, banks, and kiosk providers to add riskmanaged check cashing into their products. With a menu of services available, ATWS makes it easy for our customers to pick and choose what features to best serve the needs of their business.


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