Herndon, VA — AllTrust Networks is pleased to announce the release of AllTrust Review Center, a comprehensive solution that enables expert approval of checks that cannot be automatically approved or declined by check cashing software. Available via the web, mobile or APIs, Review Center integrates configurable rules, workflow processing and AllTrust’s proprietary historical transactions database to give risk managers the tools required to accept or decline checks.

AllTrust Review Center is available for use with AllTrust’s check cashing products, Paycheck Secure and SmartCheck. When directed by the clerk, these products seamlessly send transaction data and check images to Review Center where it can be analyzed against customer and check maker data across the AllTrust network. The workflow process enables multiple reviewers to work from a single queue, request more data from the clerk, perform third party validation of check maker information, notify the clerk of review status and send notifications to the customer via text message.

Included with Review Center is a mobile app that provides managers on the go with all the same capabilities of the web interface. Mobile Review Center works seamlessly across all phone and tablet platforms, with or without a centralized review environment.

For customers that already have their own check cashing system, AllTrust Review Center is available via APIs. Upon sending the required information via the Review Center APIs, risk managers can use the AllTrust web, smartphone or tablet interfaces to approve or decline checks. These interfaces include all workflow processing, maker research, check image comparison and other integrated features. After a review is completed, the APIs return the disposition information for integration into the customer’s in-house system.

 “Cashing checks is a uniquely high-risk activity performed very quickly. Some transactions can be automatically approved in a few seconds, but others require expert risk managers to decide. AllTrust Review Center puts customer history, maker history, check images, and third-party data at manager’s fingertips to enable them to rapidly approve or decline checks.” said Karl Lewis, AllTrust’s CEO.

 Cash more checks with the confidence that company management or in-house risk managers have reviewed checks that could not be automatically approved in the store. With web, mobile or API options, AllTrust Review Center is a flexible platform to support businesses ranging from a few stores to nationwide chains. AllTrust Networks gives merchants the tools to take the risk out of cashing checks.

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