Herndon, VA — AllTrust Networks is pleased to announce the release of SmartCheck Mobile, a complete mobile check cashing ecosystem for money service businesses and retailers. The new mobile product is an extension of AllTrust’s API-based SmartCheck platform, leveraging dozens of features that allow for customer enrollment, verification and real-time transaction decisioning.

AllTrust’s retail partners can now offer their consumers a smartphone app to self-enroll and cash checks. Depending upon the implementation, consumers will receive in-app approvals and be directed to a store to pick-up their cash, or have the funds immediately sent to any bank issued debit card.

SmartCheck Mobile is available to partners via SDK or as a white label mobile app that extends their brand to consumers. By integrating with in-store systems and kiosks, SmartCheck Mobile provides a seamless consumer experience to turn their checks into cash. Getting pre-approved before leaving their jobs or homes removes the anxiety and friction of waiting in retail lines and then hoping to get approved.

For retailers, customer self-enrollment and scanning checks via their mobile phones saves critical time in stores and allows for pre-approved customers to head directly to the checkout. In some cases, AllTrust will guarantee the transactions, allowing retailers to offer a valuable service without large investments in hardware, risk management and employee training.

AllTrust’s first partner for its mobile product is Anytime Cash, a leading innovator of financial services kiosks. Founded by industry veterans Chris and Peter Delborrello, Anytime Cash is deploying kiosks and mobile apps using the AllTrust platform to enhance and expand their chain of United Check Cashing stores based in Philadelphia.

“The AllTrust platform allows us to manage the risks associated with cashing checks and automate the process as much as possible. Now with SmartCheck Mobile, we feel that we can serve our customers even better. Customers take a picture of their ID and their check, and boom we approve it – it doesn’t get any easier than that”, said Pete Delborrello.

“Working with Anytime Cash has been terrific! Their combination of deep knowledge of the check cashing industry and the innovative implementation of kiosks and mobile in coordination with their brick-and-mortar stores puts them on the leading edge of money services for the millennial generation”, said Jon Dorsey, AllTrust’s EVP of Business Development.

AllTrust Networks offers a flexible and comprehensive platform with 200-APIs for discrete functions of customer enrollment, check imaging, data extraction and handling electronic deposits directly to partner banks. AllTrust partners use various back office web-based functions while the APIs allow for integration into their own POS systems. Now with mobile applications, AllTrust can help facilitate true omnichannel support for its partners offering financial services. With the option of fulfillment in-store, kiosk, or pushing funds to a reloadable card, SmartCheck Mobile is adaptable to a variety of business models.


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