AllTrust Networks Releases Paycheck Secure for Windows 8


Herndon, VA — AllTrust Networks releases Paycheck Secure for Windows 8 including new modular pricing options. Paycheck Secure, the nations leading software for check cashing and alternate financial services, is now compatible with the latest Windows platform, offering improved performance, plug-and-play integration and an improved user-friendly interface for our customers. With backward compatibility for Windows 7, this latest release supports a variety of configuration options. With new modular pricing plans, starting at only $60/month, customers can pick and choose which options best fit their business need.

“We are excited to offer this new iteration of Paycheck Secure to our customers. The improved performance provides better support for large chains. Coupled with our new, modular pricing structure, customers can vary features by store and scale their business appropriately,” said Karl Lewis, AllTrust’s CEO.

Paycheck Secure for Windows 8 is the total check cashing solution, with premium features to accommodate retail customers and chains of any size. Options include:

  • Industry’s best protection against fraudsters, including optional fingerprint biometric enrollment and identification including access to AllTrust’s national fraudster database;
  • High performance platform offers customers faster lines and better customer service, now able to support very large merchants with 1000 or more stores;
  • Full government compliance and integrated reporting for CTRs and SARs;
  • Automated Check 21 electronic deposits;
  • Integrated check maker research;
  • AllTrust Review Center services for 3rd party decision assistance;
  • Check Guarantee program;
  • Automated data backup to AllTrust’s private, secure network;
  • Hardware and software packages available to fit any budget.

AllTrust Networks will continue to provide its customers best in class solutions while continuing to develop the new products required for a changing marketplace.

About AllTrust Networks

AllTrust Networks is the nation’s leading innovator of software and services for check cashing and alternative financial services solutions. Thousands of retailers use AllTrust for risk management and check processing, benefiting from AllTrust’s extensive databases of consumers and check maker networks. AllTrust manages the country’s largest consumer biometric database, with over 10 million enrolled customers and has processed more than $60-billion in checks. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, AllTrust is committed to serving the alternative financial services community.



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