Retail Connect

web-based point of sale system for money service businesses. As an API-supported web product, you can add money transfer, pre-pay cards, store merchandise and other custom services to fit your business needs.

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Money Services POS

Our web-based point of sale solution combines check cashing and other money services such as money transfer, bill payment, pre-paid cards and other in-store products or services. Key features include a common customer database, integrated government compliance reporting (OFAC, SARs, and CTRs), and cash drawer management across all services. Retail Connect comes with its own, integrated web-based check cashing solution so there’s no need to buy a separate service.

Retail Connect is available as a monthly service or for a one-time software license purchase. The software license purchase is a restricted use source-code license to enable you to modify the software. A great starting point if you are thinking of building your own point of sale solution. AllTrust can provide hosting and customer support services as well. Call us to learn more.


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