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Getting Started with Check Cashing

Thinking about opening a check cashing business? We have defined specific criteria you need to be aware of, so let us guide you in getting started with:

  • Licensing requirements specific to check cashing, at both state and local levels
  • Setting up a business bank account
  • Government compliance requirements specific to money service businesses, as a result of USA Bank Secrecy and Patriot Acts
7 Tips to Successful Check Cashing

We’ve gathered information from over 2,000 businesses that provide check cashing services, and offer you advice and best practices for check cashing, including:

  • Establishing a check cashing policy for your store
  • Key things to know about government & banking compliance
  • How to educate and effectively monitor your employees
  • Plus some things you should consider to ensure you have a successful check cashing business.
10 Tips to Combatting Check Fraud

Can you spot a fake check? Fraudulent checks are professionally produced and can appear to be as legitimate as any other check. Make sure you and your employees will be able to identify these bad checks to prevent losses from fraud. We’ve identified 10 tips to help make sure your checks are legitimate.

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