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Rosauers (WA, ID, OR and MT)


Rosauers Drives Revenue with Paycheck Secure Check Cashing

Rosauers, a 21-store grocery chain based in Spokane, Washington, is reaping the rewards of increased revenue and enhanced customer service with Paycheck Secure.

“In my many years working in law enforcement and during my time managing security for Rosauers, I’ve never seen a better fraud-fighting system. I can’t imagine using another system”. – Mick Mikalson | Director of Security, Rosauers


Rosauers is a 21-store grocery chain that has been serving communities in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana for nearly 50 years. Many of Rosauers’ customers don’t have bank or checking accounts, so check cashing is a popular service. In fact, the grocery chain cashes tens of thousands of checks per month.

However, in the last few years the chain began experiencing high losses from payroll check cashing fraud. “As the drug trade in the area excelled, so did our fraudulent checks,” reported Mick Mikalson, Director of Security for Rosauers. “Many of our competitors have simply dropped out of the check cashing business because fraud was eating into their profits.”

Previous System
Before Paycheck Secure, Rosauers used a manual, inkless fingerprint system that was cumbersome and time-consuming for clerks. That combined with numerous business rules put a lot of pressure on clerks cashing checks.


Rosauers turned to BioPay as a way to combat fraud while still being able to offer the convenience of check cashing.

Cashing with Confidence
With Paycheck Secure, Rosauers can be confident they will get paid by the bank on checks they cash. The system uses biometrics for verifying a person’s identity and confirming their check cashing history. Negative check cashing information is shared with all merchants on the BioPay network. So, if a Rosauers clerk encounters a person with a negative check cashing history, the transaction can be immediately cancelled, saving the store money it may have otherwise lost.
In-Store Rebate Coupons
Rosauers charges a small service fee that can be easily recouped with an in-store coupon. Each check cashing customer is given a store coupon equal to the fee amount, which can be used at the check-out line when purchasing groceries. “It’s another benefit we can offer our loyal customers,” reported Mikalson. “Customers can conveniently cash their checks and then purchase the groceries they need, and Rosauers gets incremental revenue that boosts the bottom line.”


Rosauers is cashing more checks than ever. Mikalson attributes this to the success of Paycheck Secure and to new check cashing customers from competitors that have gone out of business.

“Paycheck Secure has taken the pressure off the front line of defense,” stated Mikalson. “It simply makes check cashing easier and more secure.”



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