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Wright’s Food (Opelika, AL)


Wright’s Foods Makes Check Cashing a Profit Center with Paycheck Secure

Wright’s Food, a small grocer in Opelika, Alabama, turned check cashing from a $10,000-a-year money loser to a profit center with Paycheck Secure.
“We’ve gone from looking at check cashing as a negative because of the losses to embracing the service, and we owe that to Paycheck Secure. With Paycheck Secure, we’re able to give the customers what they want and that keeps them coming back. Simply put, the system is a good thing for us and our customers”. – Jimmy Wright | Owner/Operator, Wright’s Foods


Jimmy Wright has owned and operated Wright’s Food since 1997. Wright’s Food is a full-service grocery store in Opelika, Alabama serving all types of customers.
“Many of our customers don’t have checking accounts, so we began offering check cashing and it quickly became a popular service,” said Wright. Wright’s Food cashes more than $1 million in checks every year.
Unfortunately, businesses cashing checks are also popular with criminals. In 2002, Wright’s Food lost more than $10,000 to check fraud. “It was obvious that if something wasn’t done, bad checks were going to put me out of business,” said Wright.


With check cashing losses at an all-time high, Wright’s Food turned to biometric technology from Paycheck Secure.
Biometric Technology
Paycheck Secure uses electronic fingerprint scans to confirm a person’s identity and their check cashing history. “Paycheck Secure alerts my clerks to a potential bad check,” reported Wright.
Better Employee Management
“In fact, the system has allowed me to empower my employees and help them make better decisions on whether or not to cash a check. That takes the burden off the managers and makes the clerks feel better about doing their job.”
Merchants can also store customer information in the Paycheck Secure system. This is particularly helpful to new clerks or seasonal help who may not be familiar with long-time customers.
Wright’s Food has turned record losses into all-time highs, and business has never been better.
On Business
“We’re finding that when people come in to cash their check, they’re staying to buy groceries,” said Wright.
Wright’s Food offers check cashing customers a coupon for the amount of the check cashing fee, which can be used on grocery purchases over $10.
On Customer Service
Check cashing has been so successful that it has led Wright to add additional customer services.
“Paycheck Secure has helped us become a financial service center for our customers,” said Wright. “Now, when customers come in to buy groceries, they can cash their check, purchase money orders and pay their bills. We’re essentially a one-stop, full-service center for our customers.”
On Customer Response
Wright reported, “People simply like the fact they can cash a check without the hassle. We’ve never had a complaint, and I can’t begin to tell you how many times people have come up to me thanked me for making cashing a check so easy.”



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